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Top Signs Your AC Unit Can Be Repaired without Replacing It

Older AC unit repair

Older air conditioning units have lots of parts that wear out over the years.  Not everyone, however, has the money to replace the system.

Generally, an air conditioning system can last up to 15 years. If your AC unit is getting close to that age, there are repairs that can be made to keep it running a bit longer. There are, however, trade-offs to serial repair sessions to avoid replacing the equipment.

And, keep in mind that operation of an older, less energy efficient air conditioning system can be more costly than running a high-efficiency modern HVAC system.

Here are several typical repairs that can be completed to maintain your existing HVAC system:

  1. Regular seasonal preventative maintenance inspection, tune up and cleaning.
  2. Repair refrigerant leakage.
  3. Repair or replace compressor
  4. Repair or replace condenser coil.
  5. Clean and flush condensation drain line.
  6. Repair or replace drain pump.
  7. Repair or replace air handler electric motor.
  8. Replace worn or damaged electronic components, such at fuses, circuit boards, breakers and relays.
  9. Replace thermostat.
  10. Recharge AC coolant.

At Cool Aid Air Conditioning, Scottsdale, Ariz., we do it all to keep your older model air conditioning unit running. Call us today at 480-941-2665 to let us know how your AC system is operating and if it appears to be having issues. We can pinpoint items that can be repaired to make your existing AC unit run better and more reliably.

Plus, if you are in a position to have your air conditioning system repaired today, you may qualify for financing.

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