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Why is Ice Forming in My Air Conditioning Unit?

ice forms on HVAC evaporator coil

You may know that changing the air filters in the ductwork inside your home will help keep your HVAC system running more smoothly and efficiently.

But did you know that clean filters will help to keep your HVAC system from freezing up? 

The jeopardy of dirty, clogged air filters can be the big problem of ice forming on the evaporator coil of the AC unit, causing it to freeze up. 

We recommend changing your filter every one to two months to keep your AC system running efficiently and to prevent the damage ice can cause on the evaporator coil. 

It may be strange to see ice forming on your HVAC unit, especially during our long Arizona summers, when 110-plus degree days are common, but it happens frequently. 

Call us immediately at 480-941-2665 if you see ice forming in your HVAC unit or if it is not cooling properly. Prevent more damage to your system by having it inspected to determine the cause of the problem. 

Pictured here, Dave Hernandez, owner of Cool Aid Air Conditioning, repairs a rooftop unit that has extensive ice forming on the evaporator coil. The service call was completed on a rooftop HVAC unit on a home in Scottsdale, Ariz., during a second-consecutive record-high day, which reached 116 degrees.

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